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Mod Drop Suggestions


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After doing several hours worth of farming for a contagious spread on DS nodes, and failing to get one.  I've come up with several ideas that may be worth looking at to improve the current Mod drop system.


1-Remove Warframe, and unique sentinal precepts from mob drops.  Fifteen Well of Life's in one fifteen wave defense, along with some Ghosts and Swift death mods, none of which are needed seeing as I get Well of life from building Trinity and the other two from buidling their respective sentinals.  There is no need for these to drop from mobs and dilute the mod pool, and you already get the only copy you will need when you first build the frame/sentinal that uses it.

1a-Boses and void containers however are fine as they are.


2-Rare enemies(Powerfists, Flameblades, Scavenger Ospreys, infested crawlers) should not be the only way to get a certain mod, especially if it's a rare mod.  As not only are these enemies hard to find, but given the current mod drop chances they rarely drop anything anyways, and on the off occasion that they do drop something it's one of the common drops.

2a-Boses again are fine as they always drop a mod, and are for the most part have a fixed, accesible location.


3-An alternative to 2, increase the chance for a mod to drop on enemies that rarely apear.


Thank you for your time.

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