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Hydriod's Abilities Should Put Out Fire


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As the title states, I think it would be a pretty cool idea of Hyrdoid's Tidal Wave and Undertow could extinguish fire in the area, whether from Napalm's firing onto the terrain or simple environmental hazards. It's not a very game breaking mechanic, but it would be interesting to see DE do something like this just to make Hydroid a bit more interesting and make the "water" theme much more realistic.


Also, DE should add an additional quality to Undertow where if the puddle receives electric damage, from both enemies and allies, all enemies in the puddle will take additional electric damage.


All hail the powerful Mr. Bubbles.

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agreed so hard! I was training him up on cassini, and often got caught on fire, and my reaction was to use tidal surge or something. hoping maybe DE put some logic into the abilities vs procs. no such luck


but they should! molt should remove negative status effects from saryn when she casts it. water should put out fire. fire should remove the cold status (running through fire hazards, using world on fire or fireblast, or if fireball hits near you). but idk, hitting allies with abilities without doing damage to them might not be as simple as that. and maybe elemental frames' abilities should be boosted if you're affecting by your own status effect? I always thought that should happen, too. again, when I was training up ember prime and found myself aflame whilst fighting napalms. but that gives certain frames an extra advantage, and mag wouldn't gain anything out of being magnetized, since your energy is gone. but it makes sense for ember, volt, and frost, at least


but molt definitely needs that extra effect, and hydroid should remove fire procs

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