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Trading System Upgrade Suggestion


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I hate the fact that you can't trade everything. It seems that it would be more fun to be able to really buy and sell (or gift, lend) anything you find. I know this can seem like a harmful thing to the game but it really isn't. I wont try to sell the idea because I would like to really hear more opinions on the matter.

My second thing is something I am really looking forward too. We need an easier system for buying and selling. I like the old school diablo style manual selling and buying but it gets pretty old pretty fast now that others have implemented different systems in different games. Guild wars, WoW, Runescape, Diablo 3, etc. to name a few titles that instantly come to mind have systems in place to assist in trading. Why not design a system that you enter an object and price then tell it if you are buying/selling then it matches you with someone who can agree to those terms? It beats spamming trade chat for an hour until you get bored waiting for a buyer/seller (especially for those less demanded items). With this system you can pop it in the machine and it will let you know when a buyer or seller appears that agrees with your terms. All that said it's your game guys do what you think is best! As for everyone else let me and them know what ya think.

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