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Hello, I'm MisterSlim. I founded and co-lead a small clan. Frost Tech has roughly 10 members, and I know what this means for our chances at success in the Solar Rail Battles. After much thought, I considered just joining a larger alliance. Then I realized that there are tons of small clans like mine out there, and if we join each other, we stand a chance against the larger clans. Joining together is an opportunity to show just how much untapped skill there is in small, "unpopular" clans.

I also understand how all of these clans feel about a voice. If they were to join a Shadow Alliance, and not be listened to, then that is just as bad as being swallowed by a larger clan. If you join us, you will always have a voice. There will be no absolute leader. Things will be run as a 'Council'. All of the Warlords from each individual clan will be given the opportunity to vote on every decision that is made. This means that every clan has an equal say in what happens.


Here is a link to our website. You're more than welcome to check it out! https://clockworklegion.enjin.com



If you'd like to join this alliance, and stand a chance in the Solar Rail Battles, then please submit the following info (either to me, MisterSlim, in-game, via PM in the forums, as a reply post, or via a message on our website.)

Clan Name: (Please don't misspell it, that'd be super awkward)

Clan Tier: (Shouldn't need further instructions there)

# of Active Members: (again, that one's self explanatory)

Name of your Warlord: (It doesn't have to be a Warlord, choose anyone from your clan as a representative)



Here's a list of our current members, I'll try to keep this as up-to-date as possible:


Armored Tenno Division

Creed of the Unknown

Varangian Guard

Ka Ryu







The Potato Farm



The Soul Renders

Lost Skies

Ericks Clan

Nux Artemis

GB3 Elite


Sith Empire

Exceptionally Average





Order of Tenno




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@MisterSlim My name is Zakharon, and I represent Knights Of the Void (A Mountain Clan) as their Second in command and leader when the clan ruler is not online, we have recently left our current alliance and are seeking a new one and yours has caught my eye, I would wish to talk to you and ask a few questions if I could. Please Pm me on the forums on in game.


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