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Wts Low Price Pack = Serration Max + Hornet Strike Max + Much More

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This pack contains maxed base damage mods for all weapons + all multishot mods + the Rage/Flow/Life Strike combo that synergizes well with Valkyr, Ash and Trinity + a few more utility mods.


***Starting point for negotiations: 540p***


- Serration MAX

- Hornet Strike MAX

- Lethal Torrent MAX

- Spoiled Strike MAX

- Corrupt Charge MAX

- Blaze MAX

- Point Blank MAX

- Barrel Diffusion MAX

- Hell's Chamber MAX

- Split Chamber MAX

- Flow MAX

- Rage MAX

- Life Strike MAX

- Sanctuary MAX

- Master Thief MAX


I'm NOT selling single mods for now. The whole pack has a considerably major discount (as far as my experience goes) and the price is negotiable. Excellent opportunity for new players or resellers.




I'm selling this two-mods pack separately now.


- Serration Max + Hornet Strike Max


- Serration Max x2


***Starting point for negotiations: 480p***

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