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Clan Emblem, Photoshop Cs6, And To Tired To Remember.



Hello and thanks for coming to help.

My Problem: I have photoshop cs6 and I have been working on a Clan Emblem. I got it all slapped and ready, removed the be box Background with my magic wand, and finally im ready to turn it in.... But I forget how to Resize it to 128x128.

I'm probably scanning over then button, or thinking thats not the one.


So for short, wheres the button on Photoshop cs6 that allows me to resize to 128X128, Since I can't seem to recall where it is.

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I'm confused as to what you mean.

resize the image, but link the Ratio of the image so the scale doesn't change.


as seen in Photoshop 12.1 (CS5.1):



it may appear slightly differently in later versions, but probably doesn't.


make sure the 'Constrain Proportions' Checkbox is checked.



sigh, f*cking autoformatting.



sigh, more autoformatting.




i give up. WYSIWYG Editors ARE HORRIBLE. because what you see is NEVER what you get.

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I try that, but when I change one, they other changes too. Can't get them both to be 128 >:I

I think he's referring to the width and height dimensions.


I'm confused as to what you mean.

.....so you're using photoshop cs6 but don't understand dimension ratios and their effect on image distortion?



For your first quote:

-They both change because you have the dimension ratio constrained (like the person above me demonstrated)


For your second quote:

-Dimension ratios. If you shrunk a rectangular image into a square sized image, it would be noticeably squashed. Which is why you should keep the dimension ratio constrained but the overall image within the maximum boundary limit.

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What u can do is to create a new document sized 128 x 128 pixels.


Then copy all the layers into the new document and shape them to the right size, for this new 128 x 128 pixel document will be the real size and your image will be copied in its original size.


Quality might be lost in the process, especially if it is a very big image, but in principle it should work.

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