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Dual Zorens Vs. Other "dual Swords"



So is there any reason NOT to use the dual Zorens over the other weapons in this class? Sure, they do slightly less damage than the others, but they make up for this with a 1.2 attack speed(when the others have a 1.0 or below) and the best crit stats on any melee weapon that I've seen, those being a 25% chance and a 3.0 damage multiplier.

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The ichors, zoren, and cleavers (strongest to weakest, respectively) all use the same crit build and are all pretty close in damage (and speed, once your berserker is stacked up).

As for reasons not to use the theoretical "best" weapon availible, you should use what you want to use :P


Personally, I rock the dual cleavers.

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