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Loki Is Difficult To Build



so i started playing loki, 

after playing and maxing ash


For start hies invisibility tops ashes one.. becouse.. A. it lasts max 28 seconds while ashes maxed is 18..

but the more important thing, is that it has a 400% mele demage, you take the dragon nikana + the inivisibility and make any boss a childrens game.

and the disarm thing he does is awsome.

but he is leveld.

because he has really really low health and shields, so if you run out of invisibility in the middle of a fight (a thing that happens all the time) your pretty muched #*($%%@ until you could cast it again..


ok so how do you build it ?

one hand you want to make him with more health 

on the other hand you want to put narrow minded to make invisibility last longer

but that will demage your range that you want for the disarm..


i made a build that i think will make loki the perfact stelth killer with allot of speed and the ability to cast invisibility over and over again

what do you think ? >



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Most people use a maximized build for either power duration or power range. For me, I use both, depending on the situation. For group missions I tend to use Fleeting and Overextended with Radial Disarm. For solo missions I use maximized Narrow-Minded and other power duration mods with added speed and shields. 

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He isn't that hard to build to me because he can be effective no matter what you focus on, as long as you, as a player, do it well.

Iyou have a timer for your invis anyway. One just needs to learn and time their thing. I usually pop a disarm right before running out of invis for the stun.

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Loki is awesome


I usually use two build

1.Invisibility build: Max Duration (Essence Helm) - good for solo, capture, deception etc

2.Disarm build: Max Range and Max Efficiency (Swindle Helm) - good for team, survival, defense etc

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