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Captains, Commanders, Field Tacticians


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We, as Tenno Warframes, are just decimating the enemy quicker than they can even attempt to conceive.


Now each faction is fighting a two-front war against Tenno raiders and opposing faction armies and navies. Why would they just let us, let alone other factions get away with the intensive slaughter?


I propose a concept that specialized, unique unites be brought into the game as well. As commanders and leaders of their men at arms, they will provide buffs and unique attacks.


It should build off of the current Exterminus(sp?) enemies, but be more refined. Like a form of Zanuka or other walker for corpus, a heavy mech for Grineer, as well as a specific construct of flesh for the infested. The captains should also only have specific weak spots (or have damage reduction similar to a prosecutor, which is a very nice start of an addition in my honest opinion).


It's not right for enemies to just send body after body after body against an enemy, it feels wrong and weird. Unless you count certain historical Russian tactics under Stalin.


This game should have more thought process on how to excute maneuvers and take down enemy squads. Not just be "spray the bullet sponge" or "Press 4".

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Or just fix base enemies to actually be interesting and a threat.


Make Lancers and Crewmen throw more grenades (and improve grenades to be more dangerous, have knockdown but also be more visible).

Make Rollers actually dangerous.

Give Troopers a shoulder-charge.

Give all melee units a sprint.

Give Techs a passive buff aura to all nearby robots.

Give Snipers and Ballistas 100% accuracy.



Minibosses are a neat idea but let's make sure normal enemies are good too.

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