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Hecate - Life Stealer Ghost Frame (All Ability Completed) Artwork Coming Soon


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Hecate. She is a supportive frame with high survibility. Her blueprint componet droped from Ravos on planet Earth.

Origin story
Back to the Orokin Era, when the Orokin battle the Sentient. Hecate was designed and crafted by the Oracle. But the Sentient won the war before the introduction of Hecate. Oracle hid their her away from the Sentient on Earth. Until the Grineer found her......


Hecate herself is a living ghost. Due to the power of the unique grey orb, she can vaporise her body into misty form and feeds on the souls of her enemy.


She has a sleder body with skirt similar to Trinity around her waist. There's cloths tied to her hands and lower torso. Overall she looks like a mummy + witch + Trinity. ( Don't laugh)

Behind the scence

Why the name 'Hecate' ?
Hecate is the godness of ghost, crossroad, mist and magic in Greek Myth.



- Nice abilities for survival

- Fast sprint speed 

- High base energy



- Low base health

- Large amout of energy needed for abilities

- Low Armor



Health - 95
Energy - 180
Armor - 35
Shield - 110
Speed - 1.23
Stamina - 80
Polarities - V x1(Aura), Scratch x4, D x2

1st abillity (Life Steal) Energy cost: 50

Hecate casts a misty aura around her enemy and leechs their lifeforce.

Power strength: 3/4/5/6 % (maximum health)
Power Duration: 7/8/9/10 s
Power Range: -

2nd abillity (Totem)Energy cost: 65

Hecate deploys a totem that reduce nearby enemies' speed.

Power strength: 10/15/20/25% ( maximun speed )
Power Duration: Permenant until destroyed by enemies
Power Range: 3m

3rd abillity (Chilling Wind) Energy cost: 40

Hecate rush through her enemy troop and freeze them at the same time.

Power strength: 100% ice damage
Power Duration: -
Power Range: 8.5/10.5/12.5/14.5 m

4th abillity (Mist Walker)Energy cost: 100

Hecate transforms into soul mode when she can posseses her enemy and steals their life force. Possesed enemy will be stuned and when killed by friendly unit it explodes, creates health nova that heals nearby friendly unit.

Power strength:10/12/14/16% (maximun health per second)
Power Duration: 10/15/25/30 s
Power Range: - 


Event - https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/203407-oracles-prophecy-new-event-idea/#entry2569028

(Sorry for the poor language, coz english not my main language)

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Hecate herself is living ghost. Due to the power of the unique grey orb, she can vaporise her body into misty form and feeds on the souls of his enemy.



I'm Confused, is the frame male or female?

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stats for frame and abilities without it this concept is close to useless

Stats updated


dont you kind of want their hp to be as high as possible to get as much life as you can from them? why not just weaken them.

Totem now drain speed instead of HP

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