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Wts Prime Component And Rare Mods

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Hi Community, I'm selling out many of my component and mod's collection. You can find me in game until 4.00 AM GMT+1.


Here some prices:


Prime Components:


1x Akbronco BP (7pl)

1x Boar Prime BP (10pl)

2x Boar Prime Receiver (5pl)

1x Boltor Prime Barrel (5pl)

2x Boltor Prime Stock (7pl)

1x Full Set Boltor Prime (70pl)

2x Bronco Prime BP (5pl)

9x Burston Prime Barrel (5pl)

1x Burston Prime Receiver (10pl)

2x Burston Prime Stock (7pl)

1x Dakra Prime BP (5pl)

1x Ember Prime Elment (10pl)

3x Ember Prime Chassis (5pl)

1x Blade Fang Prime (10pl)

1x Fang Prime BP (5pl)

1x Frost Prime Chassis (7pl)

1x Glaive Prime Disc (5pl)

1x Latron Prime Barrel (7pl)

2x Latron Prime Receiver (5pl)

6x Mag Prime BP (5pl)

10x Mag Prime Chassis (5pl)

2x Paris Prime BP (10pl)

9x Paris Prime Lower Limb (1pl)

1x Paris Prime Upper Limb (5pl)

1x Full Set Reaper Prime (15pl)

1x Sicarus Prime Receiver (7pl)

10x Sicarus Prime Barrel (1pl)


Mods Prices:


2x Iron Phoenix (10pl)

1x Coiling Viper Maxed (15pl)

2x Lethal Torrent (7pl)

1x Pistol Ammo Mutation (5pl)

1x Stunning Speed Maxed (10pl)

1x Fire Storm (15pl)

1x Tranquils Cleave (50pl)

Cya in Game :D


Time Edit: I will stay in game until late night gmt+1

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