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What Are The Differences Between The Types Of Clans?



I'm just a little confused about the clans; I just want to know what the difference is between the moon clans and mountain clans, etc.  Most of my current clan, made up of my friends, is not active whatsoever, and I'm thinking of jumping ship.  I don't know exactly what to look for in a clan though, and was hoping for some feedback about the benefits of each type of clan and, if possible, any suggestions or recomendations about specific clans to look for. Thanks!

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Well the number of members.

Those are:


Ghost 10 members

Shadow 30 members

Storm 100 members

Mountain 300 members

Moon 1000 members


Other than that, I all know they defer from each other is the cost of resourses to research.

During events, clans only compete amogn their clan tier.

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