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New Mission Suggestion/infestation Dynamics: Civilian Extraction


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I think it would be nice to have a map with not one hostage, but a stream of refugees running away from the infestation. The players would be tasked with drawing attention from the infestation to avoid having them kill the refugees. 


Battle would take place on a large open map, like the corpus defense maps. There would be 3-5 rendezvous points. Players can activate any one rendezvous point. Activating one rendezvous point deactivates all others. 


Refugees would run to the active rendezvous point, and the infestation would be hot on their heels. 


Rescue ships would land every 2 minutes to pick up survivors. Once a ship lands in one rendezvous point, that point remains disabled until one ship lands in another rendezvous point. Changing rendezvous points increases time until the next ship lands by 30 seconds to prevent abuse.


Downed refugees will become a cocoon and burst as another infested after some time.


Reward is based on the number and type of survivor. Killing infestation would give their drops. Saving corpus/grineer refugees would give their appropriate drop, only if they enter the ship. Each saved refugee would give a small credit reward, which could accumulate as the mission goes on. 


Players can be extracted every third ship. 


This mission would take place for a few hours just after an infestation outbreak begins in a node. After some time, it would switch to one of the traditional infestation mission types. 


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overall its not bad

i just assume that only possible civilians in this universe are corpus women that are not involved in being crewmembers and that only IF they even exist in a first place

grineer civilians i believe does not exist at all(they even dont need women for reproduction).... maybe queens' servants but why will you save them?

reminder that grineer army got women in it and we did not see even one corpus woman


mission idea is good but it will create lore vacuum that will need to be filled

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