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The It's Wednesday Hype Megathread


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I would agree, the art screams Grineer, but I remember it being given to the Corpus somewhere...

Corpus Flak Cannon is what's ringing a bell.

They showed a concept art in one of the devstreams and it looked a lot like the Drakgoon.

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I predict


- removed easter color palette from market


- changed Prosecutor beacon drop rates


- something performance related to particles (that will go totally FUBAR and require a hotfix later this evening)


- tweaks to melee 2.0 animations

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Why are we getting hype for a normal hotfix day? I understand getting hype for a major update day, but this is just a normal hotfix day perhaps with a new weapon or cosmetic. 


nope, just dark sector changes. I mean, that's important, but it's nothing to get hyped over.

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