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Why There Is No Bosses On Earth And Eris? (Boss Concepts)


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Many of you could remember uncle Hek on Earth's assassination mission as a grey Grineer guy


But now he became bumblebee and he appears only on events


But Eris?... i don't see there any assassination mission


I'm typing here about placing new bosses on these two planets.

On Earth my idea is about one guy from G3 band or my fresh idea - Lt. Thrak


Some story about Lt. Thrak



After runaway of Vay Hek, There was no Grineer who was stronger and independent as him.

They needed a strong hand, who will hold positions on Earth.


But Grineer found a solution...


Every soldier know him as Thrak. He was veteran, suffered much from Corpus and more from Tenno.

Seems like he will collapse in any second. His body is lean, in Thrak's desolated eyes you can see the real suffer and pain.

Every Grineer soldier respects him more than any other Grineer warlord.




unlike the other Grineer, Thrak uses self-made bow and he's very agile 

looks can lie



when you enter the area where Thrak is ( i have tought of a place, where waterfall ends )

He will send you a tons of arrows towards you from his spots ( big tree branches or bushes)... anyway, he will try to hide from you and killing you at once.


At 75% HP Thrak will summon some Grineer troops and will hide to regenerate shields

At 50% HP Thrak will repeat it

At 30% HP he will engage in melee combat by using Ash's Smoke Screen and Loki's Switch Teleport


after mission you will get the warframe parts which were when uncle Hek was ( Trinity if i am right)



Eris boss : Goliath ( Corpus )





By the time, every Corpus machine revealed their weaknesses, it was a strong hit to the Corpus

They upgraded older machines and made even new machines, but they wasn't a challenge for Tenno.

First time in Corpus life they spend quintillions of money to construct a real death machine.


It's name was Goliath




Name explains the machine - giant ( like Lephantis ) destructive, merciless, and impenetrable ( maybe )


boss area would look like really big spire where the Goliath is constructed and there will only be pathways around him every stage 


=====roof=======      ( YES, HE WILL BE LIKE 5 STAGES BIG)





__path                                paths are like rings around the spire








you start from top and every path opens when u deal 20% damage to him from his whole HP

100% *pew pew pew* 80% HP

every 20% HP he loses, he will go in rage and smash you with his hands, smashing the pathway and opening to lower stages


strategy will look like Killing Sargas Ruk, when he blasts some cannons and shooting some bullets, he will open a weak spot


at the last stage you should finish him and then he will blast a hole in floor part of area and you are running for it to the extraction nearby


about rewards i don't know maybe some new warframe parts :D


that's all, i am F***ing really tired of typing now and waiting for bad comment spree to start  :D

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Uncle Hek is now a new boss fight, with his new Tetra Frame toy.

What the Hek.

i mean, he disappeared from Everest assassination node


Hek's boss battle still takes place on Earth's Forest tile set. It's safe to assume he's still Earth's boss.

if you want to get him on Earth, you should spend a couple of light years in Ceres to find a two yellow balls ( Delta Beacon )


with this topic i want you to know that i want permanent assassination nodes on these two planets :)

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