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Weapon Idea: Chu Ko Nu!


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The Chu Ko Nu is a repeating crossbow firing volleys of three bolts.  Originally invented by the Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang and last used in warfare during the First Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895. 


Warframe's version of this weapon could prove to be a comparable weapon to the Attica, much like the Braton and Burston rifles.  Visually it would be a slightly recurved crossbow with a horizontal limb assembly that rapidly moves vertically to fire each bolt in the volley.  A large magazine would be underslung the main portion of the weapon, supplying bolts.



12 Impact

8 Puncture

15 Slash

25 Accuracy

2.5 Fire Rate

1.5x 12.5% Critcal

15% Status

15 Magazine

3.0 Reload

Auto Trigger


I came up with this because I thought perhaps there was room in game for a crossbow with a different method of trigger operation and damage then the Attica.  Also the Chu Ko Nu was a pretty cool idea far ahead of its time, brought to you by the same folks who later invented the world's first flamethrower.


(P.S.  I know the Ballistica is similar to this, albeit in secondary form.  But the Chu Ko Nu could be a powerful primary without the whacky side to side recoil of the Ballistica.  Plus we could use a Chinese weapon or two to go with all the Japanese inspired stuff!)

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