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Prime Fest (Part 3) ! Come See What You Need :-)

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I'll ask for cheap prices,2-15 plat for each component.




Ember:  BP     Helmet


Frost:  Chassi      Helmet


Mag:  BP      Chassis


Rhino: Systems






Paris prime:  String     Upper Limp     Grip


Burston prime:  Barrel     Stock     Receiver


Boltor prime:  Stock     Receiver     Barrel


Dakra prime:  BP      Blade (x2)


Bronco prime: BP     Receiver


Reaper prime:  BP      Blade


Orthos prime:  BP      Handle


Boar prime: BP     Receiver


Fang prime:  BP     Blade


Braton prime:  BP


Latron prime:  Receiver




Send me your price suggestion for what you want,


Add me: "Gonssas"

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