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Dino-Frame Idea.


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This might a bit stupid but while I was chatting with a couple of people about warframe. We starting think of crazy ideas that would be awesome to have in the game. At that moment I saw a Picture of a Dinosaur on google and it hit me. What if Warframe had a Dino Warframe. I asked a group of people in the region chat about our idea and most of them thought it was a good idea. One quoted " If they have a pirate warframe why not have a dino warframe? It would be awesome!". They asked me to make a Topic about it and see tons of players thought on this idea. Post if you think it might actually work or if it wont and tell us why. Thanks and I cant wait to read your guys response on this. I could use some help getting a basic concept going and who knows, maby if we get enough support we can make something happen.

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I can see it now...


Ability 1) Can use its dino-strength to force open a door during lockdown, or ignore Grineer magnet / Corpus laser doors.

Ability 2) Dives for cover, giving it invulnerability for a brief period of time.

Ability 3) Goes on a dinosaur-fuelled rampage, walking around and killing everything.

Ability 4) Who cares, I got away with the last three.

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I actually did a couple of sketches for this idea! Named him after famous paleontologist "Ostrum"


abilities include

1. Throw egg bombs, or eggs that hatched temporary dinos

2. Find prey, sense your enemies in the surrounding area

3. Tail swipe, hit enemies with a radial tail attack

4. Consume, turn into a creature of the past for a limited time and eat your enemies!


helemts include

Standard raptor like helm

one like the tricerotops

one resembling a T-Rex Skull

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How about:


For a T-Rex


Goliath (45): Dino throws his/her weight around, causing all attacks performed within melee range to have a 100% knockdown chance for the next X seconds.


Dino Scales (75): For the next X seconds, Dino takes 25% less damage from all elements, 50% less damage from Impact and Slash sources, and 50% more damage from Puncture sources.


For a Raptor


Prey Upon (50): Dino marks a target as prey. The target will take 50% extra damage from all sources and drop health orbs upon death.


Almost a Bird (40): For the next X seconds, Dino's sprint speed is 25% faster and his/her jump height is doubled.


Hollow Bones (50): For the next X seconds, Dino's melee speed is boosted and his/her armor is lowered.



For any Dino


Chomp (20): Dino uses his/her jaw to rip off a portion of the opponent's armor, dealing X damage and negating their armor value (reducing it to zero).


Fossilize (65): Dino prepares for the worst, hardening his/her armor, reducing damage greatly while making him/her immobile and unable to attack for the next X seconds.


Extinction (100): Dino activates an AoE around him/her for the next X seconds. If enemies cannot deal Y damage to Dino in that time, all enemies caught in the AoE are destroyed.

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is his 4th ability turns him into a giant T-Rex and eats half of the body's? I would like that very much 










that would be awesome




when you said "FATALITY" i was thinking maybe make a frame related to a character in mortal Kombat like you can't make scorpion because Valkyr has Rip Line. "Get Over Here".

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Here is a good balance out of our ideas for abilities and characteristics.


1. Chomp

2. Sense enemies, shows your surrounding bad guys, maybe add a damage bonus to marking enemies

3. Either tail swipe or fossilize

4. Turn into a large carnivorous Dinosaur and eat you enemies

This character is naturally faster than other warframes and his /her abilities allow him/her run through with close range weapons and systematically take out enemies. You could build the warframe to be a damage taker who goes on a rampage or build them to avoid damage to kill the enemies before they can land a hit.

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Raptor: summons 1 fossilized raptor to temporarily assist. raptor only lasts for set duration with health and shields affected by rank and power strength.

Terrorize: warframe leaps forward and does a ground slam, knocking down targets in range

Predatory Instincts: warframe is temporarily invulnerable to everything EXCEPT melee. Can only use melee however and only deals finishers until the end of the duration)

Extinction/Big Bang/Eruption: AoE attack causing enemies to "Fossilize" for a set amount of time


Either way I will being playing that frame a lot if he's made.

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