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Just An Idea Inspired By The Newest Hotfix For Waypointing


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I know you guys just added the option to walk over to the a way-point manually done, but wouldn't it be easier to hold the way point button for like 2 seconds? like, just look away and hold the way-point button for about 2 seconds, or you could make it the best of both worlds by combining this idea with the newest hot-fix; you can either walk up your way-point close up, look at it, and press the way-point button, or, when you're too far from the way-point to even bother to go all the way back, just hold the way-point button for more than 2 seconds? convenience.


If you guys don't understand, just think of like(if you've played it before) Star War Battlefront 2's targeting system, if you've already locked on to a target, and want to get rid of the lock on thing, you either kill the hostile, get to far away from them, or hold the default auto-target button for more than I guess 5 seconds... or something like that.

This would make the newest way-point hot-fix/implementation a little bit easier, in my opinion.

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