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Warframe Does Not Want Me To Have The Brakk


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It's not about their spawn chance. The first time I was attacked by the G3 I quickly dismantled them with a few Rhino stomps and a Boltor prime. My prize was the Brakk blueprint which I never received due to the progress was not saved glitch error thing. The second time I was running Apollodorus with a friend and the G3 came after him. As I killed the remaining one Warframe froze for me, but remained playing for my friend who received the barrel. Someone somewhere does not want me to have the Brakk. Posted here because I have no idea where else it would go.

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That feel when you get Rage..


And Warframe has to "Could not update account information. Progress not saved"


Raging because you didn't get rage after so many tries and so many rages.


Now I'll have to sell every single prime part I have and buy it.


nah man, you can get Rage for about 20-25p these days. If you're lucky, you'll meet someone thirsty for plat and will even go for 15p.

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