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Melee Combos (Both Stance And Multiplier)


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In terms of the hit-counter/damage-multiplier, I think .25 seconds should be added to the link window per multiplier level (5,15,45).


Secondly, I think stance combos should prioritize using E+LMB and E+RMB rather than Pauses and Holds.



I just want to say...

that I have full confidence...

that in the future...

science will find a cure for...





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I'm bad at this...


but weren't those decent suggestions for melee?


Anyway, I have larger suggestions to improve the game but I can't get a sense of what DE is prepared to take feedback on. It makes it difficult to write up those page long essays on gameplay when certain simple things have gone unresolved for so long. I think the new content they've added over the past few months has generally been sweet, please keep that up. But I and many others have had some excellent suggestions for the game that didn't seem to go anywhere. These aren't difficult or abstract concepts, they are well thought out fixes to long standing problems.


There is a thin film between WF and its potential greatness. But there are some fundamental changes that need to occur in the Abilities, in the Mod System, in Mission Design, in Damage 2.0, in Melee 2.0, and in PvP. What are my credentials? 500-600 hours, played all frames, own most frames, almost mastery rank 14. I know there are olderschoolers but I'm just sayin, I know this game pretty well.


I'm going to do a big write up, and I hope someone gives it some thought.

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