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I didn't know exactly where to put this. Someone move it if it's in the wrong place.


Lets talk about our good friend The Stalker.

A presumably defected Tenno or just a guy who got a hold of some modified Excal armor, he's quite the force to be reckoned with if not prepared. So here's my suggestion.


Take us by surprise.


My friend and I (often how these suggestions come to play) were talking about how The Stalker reveals he's going to attack you in enough time for you and your squad to prepare for the oncoming battle. However, we both agreed that it would pretty riveting if, at the end of the mission, when you're getting into the carrier or ship or whatever it is that whisks us away to safety, Stalker comes up, yanks you out, and you engage in a one on one battle with him. Of course, he would probably need to be scaled as a challenge for the person's current build, that way a level 30 across the board loadout isn't slaughtering a level 10 build Stalker, and vice versa.


This would catch people off guard, and give more of a random feel to the game. Maybe not so much as random, but personal. I mean, if personally the Stalker singles me out, and says some dark one-liner that makes me want to slash-dash him to pieces, I'm generally going to enjoy the game more (not to say this isn't the best and most interactive F2P I've ever played). There are other ideas I've come up with to string along with random events that are more personal to the player.


For Example:

- The ship crashing before you reach your mission objective, and having to escape from some jungle set or ruined city set.

- The ability for heavies to grab you (as much as people hate QTE's, this would probably have to be a QTE or button-mash event)

- Also, some people have been wanting to be able to do a quick melee using the butt of your gun or pistol and smacking someone with it. Not so much personal, but pretty freakin' cool.

- And this one might be a stretch, but there clearly /are/ Civilians living on some of these planets, right? I mean, I'm pretty sure it's mentioned somewhere, so why not have some missions where we have to save a town from being overtaken by Grineer. I might be the only one who thinks this, but I feel /good/ when I'm able to successfully save some AI who are in need of help. Especially if the Voice Acting is done right. I'm not even sure the Tenno are the good guys yet, so maybe let us be the good guys. Let us save some civilians. (Also, make it to where either A. Civilians can't get hurt by us, or B. You lose a crazy amount of credits for blindly killing civilians)


Has anyone said anything about grabbing other enemies and using them as shields? That'd be neato

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I don't think that'd be a good idea. Because then, to get the stalker drops, you not only have to get through the will of RNGesus, but now you have to solo him. This also means your sqaud members don't receive the drops as well. Lastly, the stalker is one of those trust building experiences, where (mostly in the lower levels) you rely on your team to kill him, while you do everything to avoid that.

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