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The Lato


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Seeing as how Lato is one of the weapons i never leveled to max level today i decided to give it a try and level that relic of past.

Sure enough as i glance over the stats i notice that they seem... lower. 

Now if i remember correctly the old lat had about 20dmg altogether several months ago, before damage 2.0, and now, with 12 damage, i find it quite weak.

No matter.

I was certain that i can use it on appolodorus and at least kill lvl 1 Grineers with a few bullets.

Now imagine my astonishment when i needed to pound 10 bullets into a lancers skull to down him. TEN BULLETS!

What the flying Hek!

That single Lato has 15 bullets in its magazine and i had to use 10 of them!?

I know its a starter weapon and by that account should be weak but this is some sort of sick joke.

Every single stat in that gun screams weak from the top of its lungs but that very fact that i cant down a level one Grineer is kind of depressing in my opinion.

I know im beating a dead horse at this point, que the gif:


But seriously. Cant the starting gun have at least some better stats? Something, please.

12 damage (1.8 I, 3.0 P, 7.2 S)

18.2 Accuracy (the only good thing about this gun, and it doesn't help) 

6.7 fire rate (also decent)

1.5x/2.5% crit rate and damage (pathetic)

1% status (even more pathetic)

Im not even gonna go into the reload and the magazine size as they are both good stats for such a peashooter.

Seriously, even a measly buff of 5 impact, 5 puncture and 5 slash would go a long way for a gun such as this.

Mind you im not asking for Lato the be a endgame weapon, hell not even as mid game weapon but for a starting sidearm its not even a new game weapon. 

The only conclusion i can come up with is to allow the new players to play without the sidearm and spare them the tears when a simple level 1 Lancer in Terminus turns into a terminator and decides to rape them somewhere in the galion with a several times stronger Grakata.


ps. im not even gonna go in the MK1 Braton lane as i fear of what i might find. No wonder new players have it so damn hard.

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Them having it hard.... Is why I frequently go to low level missions, and help them through things, ones that impress me, get an invite to the clan. Others just get past difficult nodes.....

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I personally really enjoyed using my Lato and selling it just felt bad but I had no choice as I had no weapon slots. The moment when I realized the potential with the gun was when it was level 8, was doing a Grineer sabotage mission and I was out of ammo on my Mk1-Braton. Killing those level 7 enemies from such a long range was awesome.

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A friend of mine just started played and as son as the first misión she Unequiped the lato right away.

WHat happened here? When i started (WAY before damage 2.0) I remember mowing down masses of Grineer and thinking it was the best S#&$ ever (until

the Cestra was released), i fact i felt bad when i had to sell it but now i need, like you said, shooting a lv 1 grineer 10 times (IN THE HEAD) to kill him? I saw her raging over the pistol and just switching to her MK1-Braton, then dropping the lato to lv it up faster. What happened here guys?

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I know its a starter weapon and by that account should be weak but this is some sort of sick joke



IMO the starter weapons should be way better, not the best that are in its category ,but for sure they should be medium good


just to compare for example Planet Side 2 all starter weapons for each faction are really good, some of them are right on the top and they are "starting weapons"

there is really no reason to make the starter weapon as garbage as DE did, its not like ppl going to hang on them forever if they were better anyway

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You don't need ten bullets to kill a lancer on Appolodorus with an unmodded lato.

Two people can get to at least the five minute mark using nothing but unmodded latos.

I honestly have no idea what you are talking about.

I took a unmoded Lato to all stages in Mercury where i could find a level one lancer and the result is always the same: 10 bullets in the head to kill the sucker.

I even took the Lato to Terminus to level it using only that sidearm and i ran out of bullets halfway trough.

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You don't need ten bullets to kill a lancer on Appolodorus with an unmodded lato.

Two people can get to at least the five minute mark using nothing but unmodded latos.


I found it takes 7 or 8 shots for a Lancer, around 10 for a Trooper. Are you aware they nerfed the Lato a while back?


Beginner advice used to be "upgrade to normal Braton asap, hang on to the Lato for a while as it's a decent gun". Not any more.


Even if you build an Aklato and take it to Cytherean, first mission on Venus you'll find it takes SEVENTEEN shots to down a level 3 Corpus, nearly the full clip of 30 for a Moa. Yes, that's unmodded but it still sucks.

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Ah the Lato.
"(...) used by Tenno everywhere." What a lie.

Does anyone know how i can ask DE_Scott a question about this?
In livestreams he says he gets PMs from people on the forum, but i don't like trying that because i think he is allready getting bombarded with messages he barely reads.
The livestreams themself are a possebility, but you have a 1 in a 1000 chance your question gets picked and they are usualy prioritized according to the newest developments. For example asking if i can put my Kubro in a Grineer costume would be more likely to get picked than any question about specific weapon balancing.
Finaly there is making a thread to ask a question. Something which i think just clutters the forum full of useless threads and only leads to the devs paying even less attention to forum threads. Staff members in general are also like the Stalker. You never know when they might suddently out of the blue answer a question. But that's something nobody can depend on.

So is there any reliable way i can pass a question to him?

Because i would like to know if there is any chance i might ever get a Lato that can hold up as well as the Lex?

Why the Lex? Because it's a credit buyable weapon that can actualy hold up very well. I have allready crafted and leveled the Vasto and Magnus and they just don't feel the same as the good old Lato. Modding doesn't help because the base damage is just too damn low.

Before Melee 2.0 Scott proudly proclaimed he could fight his way into Pluto with a Skana now (i would like to see what build he used), so why doesn't he give us the same chance with the Lato?


Call it Lato Mk2 or Lato Kai, make it cost 75,000 credits or dojo only, but just don't waste this weapon design like that.

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