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He just come.If you want stalker's gear,you dont hunt for him, let him come.Why?

He spawns on all mission aside from assasinate, which mean that unlike G3 or Dent who only spawn in specific faction's mission.There's no reason to hunt stalker since he can come anytime.

His gear : Dread,Despair,Hate dont have an equal drop rate. 29% for dread, 0,5% for despair and hate.30% in total that he may drop a pink orb.The odds is VERY low.So even if he spawn at all,most likely he wont drop what you need.


I learned this and just let it happen. Eventually i got all of his gears at ~250hours of gameplay

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I find that Phorid farming spawns him more for me. He always comes after me when I'm soloing with at least one low weapon. Luckily I bring a soma most places which tears him to ribbons in half a mag. good tactic for me is to back yourself into a corner once you get the first screen flicker. gives him only in front of you to spawn. Just be ready to mow him down when he appears. With that tactic, he's dead before he can even come after you. I have a dozen dread bp and still not one hate or despair. 

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awesome thz what war frame would u suggest i use i have rhino volt and ash maxed.


and which boss besides phorid would u say gives a better chance at deathmarks?

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