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Clarification On Hysteria Crit Modifier [Testing]



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Okay, did some testing. Hysteria, no power strength, with a 3x crit modifier and 40% crit chance weapon with +114 IPS


It appears to have two different crit numbers - perhaps a weapon crit and an innate ability crit? Or I'm hitting headshots somehow.


Non-Crit (168 shield 299 health)



Crit (168 shield 1213 health)



Double Crit (168 shield 2549 health)



I would have expected a base damage of 300+200 = 500, split between IPS = 166.5 I/P/S = 557.775 to shield, took off 168, or 30%, so 70% remaining @ 500 = 350. I'm thus surprised to see the 299. Oh well.


IPS evenly split has a +11.667% modifier to shields, and no modifier to health. Thus the 168 is really 150.4 IPS damage, added to 299 = ~450. Hmm. Would work out if I had somehow only +185% melee damage, but I have +280%... hmm. W/e


Point is, we see 450 dmg base, 1363 on a crit, and 2700 on a double crit.


Now it could be that the 'double crits' I'm seeing are headshots, as they seem to be 2x more than the singles, so I'm gonna ignore them


1363/450 = 3x, and I was using a 3x modifier weapon, so I'm gonna go ahead and assume hysteria takes on the crit modifier of your melee weapon.

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