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I Can't Trade Rhino Prime Chassis Bluprint


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A little more information would be better, but here's few possible solutions.


If you're lower than Mastery rank 2 you won't be able to trade items AT ALL.


If you've used your daily trades you have to wait until tomorrow

Im Rank 10 it's impossible..

Is my first trade, i've 10 more trade..



More information are this..

When I go to see the inventory I have the chance to see it but when I select the exchange and instead start bluprint it disappears

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Perhaps, instead of bumping your own post 3 times, you should start a topic in the Bugs section of the forums (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/forum/11-general/) and open a support ticket. I know it sucks and you are frustrated but i don't think we simple players can help you in any meaningful way aside from confirming that this is indeed a problem. This definitely sounds like a bug that needs to be fixed. Support tickets are slow but they guarantee that the devs will know about the problem.

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