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Yet Another Warframe Concept: Kodiak


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Name: Kodiak


theme: Bears (with a smattering of apiculture)




25) Maul: Kodiak bites an enemy, dealing high damage to a single target and causing nearby enemies to flee in terror.


50) Hibernate: Kodiak enters hibernation, slowing his movement speed, but also giving him increased damage resistance and substantial health regeneration.


75) Swarm: Kodiak unleashes a cloud of nanites that poison and confuse his foes. Kodiak and his allies also receive an armor bonus for the duration. (These nanites are also the only known way to convert greedy milk into delicious honey.)


100) Honeyrush: Kodiak consumes honey, sharpening his senses and reflexes. Kodiak receives increased power strength, movement speed, weapon reload speed, melee swing speed, stamina regeneration, an auto-parry chance, and reveals enemies on the minimap. Killing enemies extends the duration of Honeyrush, 2 seconds for ranged kills, 4 seconds for melee kills.



I'm a little conflicted about honeyrush only being a stat boost, but I believe it fits with the theme of the frame. When I think of a bear, I think of defense/crowd control, and that is what I tried to emphasize with his powers. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this concept, and have a wonderful day.

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