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G3 Spawned Back To Back But Only Recieved One Set Of Rewards


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As the title says,


I was running a mission on Earth where you pick a side (killing Grineer for Feldrons) and the G3 spawned during the mission. I killed them and recieved a Natural Talent and Split Chamber.


I re-ran the mission right after and G3 spawned once again (not sure if I was lucky or this is a bug) but i killed them and recieved a Natural Talent and Barrel Diffusion.


After the missions, i checked in my MOD list what i recieved and only the first set of mods Natural Talent and Split Chamber were found. I did not recieve any error messages regarding not being able to save character data and am unsure if i recieved any MODs from the second mission I ran. It didnt seem like a bug since i recieved two different pools of MODs from each run. 



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