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Jackal Ai Softlock


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I have been aware of this for some time and I will guessing many others have encountered this at least once. In  some condition, the Jackal will simply lock. It will not attack in any way, just twitch periodically. I have finally found a way to consistantly replicate this.


As can see below, I am currently being chased by Jackel after starting boss fight. Jackel at time of screenshot has used all attacks.




I then use soul punch once.




Jackal permanently locked.




Please fix this.

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No I do not. It is not to much to ask for major bug that locks second assassination fight to fix.


As is not so much issue because of soul punch, but because almost anything will cause this to happen. Using melee on main body, elemenal status, or even bad luck. It is not network or host/client issue either, because this happens regardless of host or tag. I just used soul punch to demonstrate because only one consistent (for me)

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So why would you complain? He oneshotted me with rockets before. Now he just stands there like an idiot while I hit him

I run into this problem a lot. I can simply wait for the mine drones to drop down then approach jackal and melee him to death. I use the loki warframe and i can just go invisible and walk under him, after that I'm pretty much invulnerable to everything. Don't know if Jackal is just supposed to be easy farm for beginners tho...

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