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Lanka Vs Ogris?




250 electric damage (charge)

sniper ammo



600 blast damage (charge)

rifle ammo


Both are ranged, have projectile travel time and silent.

Ogris is also able to be used as a sniping weapon.


Whats the good things about Lanka then? Whats the point of sniping one guy in the face if you can just once shot a whole group?

Im just hesitating before I build/not build Lanka.


Ok, from the other comments I can only see one good thing about Lanka: punch through and it doesnt kill yourlsef. Is that all? Lanka already sounds really bad.

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I havn't used Ogris yet (Surprisingly) but Lanka has the potential of AoE. But if you are looking for more reliable AoE damage I would recommend building Ogris. The Ogris is better sustained for higher levels though from what I see. Ogris is a little more tough to use Close quarters, High risk of injuring yourself.


Lanka however has punch through already and you can shoot through some walls and doors. Excellent for hallway clearing.

In terms of AoE with Lanka, Gas, Electric build is recommended if you have the Cicero and Tethra's doom Exclusive mods.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that Lanka is pretty decent in the higher levels as well. Lanka's AoE is safe in close quarters so you won't get yourself murdered


Its all depending on what you would have fun with, A launcher that makes everything go BOOM, Or a Semi-Railgun. The choice is yours.

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I sniped a group of enemies with Ogris. Whats the point of a sniper if a rocket launcher does more dmg and can also snipe? And most of the time, its hard shooting throuh doors without AOE. And how is Lanka AOE?

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Guest Shibboleet

Did anyone even mention that the Ogris is an AoE weapon and the Lanka is an energy sniper that does DoT damage?

DoT damage? I think you need to read up on the wiki =)

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lanka is a pretty piss poor excuse of a sniper rifle, its basically a bow in sniper form, only its slower to charge up than a bow, has a god aweful zoom overlay, has crappier crit stats etc, theres pretty much nothing i like about the lanka when a bow does better and has no annoying zoom mode, and if you want a "proper" sniper rifle ofc theres the vectis, the be-all end-all sniper.

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Lanka will pull more effective damage/shot than any sniper (not counting the bows) due to the base damage being converted to Corrosive or Radiation and getting that +75% dmg -75% armor modifier which is oh so important at high levels.


Its unfortunate that the Dread/PP are so much better, hopefully it'll be a closer competition if they ever fix the 4x crit headshot multiplier.

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Lanka is bad, Ogris is good.


not meany weapons make sense compared to Ogris, its pointlessly overpowered...


It should have 10 ammo, max..

or deal 150 damage...


Its one of the only real weapons you can use late game, so changing it will make people unhappy...


its just a bit silly that i can get on my random unranked frame, pull out my 5 forma ogris, and solo ODD to 50+ by blindly shooting the core...

2x 29k damage vs ancients, as a giant AOE of MORDOR is just stupid, I have no idea why they decided to add this comically strong weapon to the game, or give it effectively limitless ammo, I guess its Designed to wipe out 20+ mobs in 1 shot at level 100, to cater to eazymode high end play and help less experienced players into "endgame"




as for lanka it has always been a pretty poor sniper, I can't really talk much about it as I personally hate it, and only ever put 2 forma on it, charge mechanic, sloppy feedback, and travel time make it... uuuh.  I think Vektis and pretty much all bows are better snipers.  it has gone thro various iterations, but even with some innate punch through its pretty poor.


like you say Ogris does 600 damage, is AOE, has pinpoint accuracy, and 540 clip... why not simply make lanka, which is I think a higher ranked clantech weapon that takes as much if not more materials to craft..... a weapon with total punchthro.. or give it 600 damage...


Weapon balance is a bit.. meh..in general.

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With +300% Corrosive, Serration, SC, and Speed Trigger

Ogris with Firestorm

1258.75 Blast

9818.25 Corrosive


Lanka with Point Strike

6293.75 Corrosive

50% crit = 3x headshot multiplier

=18881.25 Corrosive dmg


They have about the same charge rate, Lanka's got a faster projectile rate and the ability to easily hit headshots (ogris is hit/miss).


Frankly, each weapon has a purpose, Lanka is better at taking out heavies and Ogris is better at clearing crowds. 


Damage against a lvl 50 Corrupted Heavy Gunner (2250 Ferrite Armor)


Ogris: 91 Blast + 5976.3 Corrosive = 6067.3 Combined dmg

Lanka: 11493 Corrosive


So Lanka deals almost 90% more damage than the Ogris per shot.

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