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my nekros did finish building this morning, so i levelled up a bit and decided to farm some bosses for mods with the double drop chance now.

However the first boss i tried, the jackal ( for the handspring and shock absorbers ) did not work.

After the jackal was dead (which happened in less than 2 seconds, thanks to massive farmers lol) it said "invalid target" when i aimed at the boss.

Why is the jackal an invalid target? isnt the entire purpose of this ability to get double loot chance from the big monsters?

Who cares if you get 1 or 2 ammo drums from a normal.... i thought nekros would shine for killing bosses..... but apparantly this ability doesnt work on bosses ? or only not on the jackal? if so, why not?

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Greetings Tenno,


Desecrate is best used when farming in survival missions for extra oxygen, resources, credits, and mods. It is very useful in many other instances, but I have never heard of anyone trying to use it on a boss.


I hope that helps.


- Salishaz

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thanks for the answers

earlier today it already gave me master thief from a spectre

ill try that again. spectres can only drop four items, but all rare

are there more of those which can give rare mods instead of more resources and credits

because I am trying to get all mods. codex says I need 97 more

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