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If You Could Get Any Weapon Perfectly Formad Without Having To Do Anything Which Weapon Would You Pick?


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hey guys,

lets talk about forma alright? :)
so I am a complete forma-maniac I used arround 150 on just weapons (not includig build cost)
and I hear a lotta people complain about the act of formaing, leveling and reformaing everything and thats why they wont do it.
theyre usualy happy with 2-4 forma and are not willing to put another one on theyre weapon (even if the weapon could use a couple more)
and Im totoaly fine with that :)
but now my question is, IF you could get any weapon perfectly formad (with arround 6polarities)
which one would you like to have?

I know this might be a weird question but Im actualy quite curious :PP
if you ask me I would like to have a "perfect" tigris without having to work for it, I just HATE leveling that thing up


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Definetly my akstiletto it is a 3 star weapon and can go for 4 stars it would be 5 if it didnt already have a free polarity

my build for it

hornet strike

barrel diffusion

lethal torrent


pathogen rounds



pistol ammo mutation

aka the build 50% of tennos most likely have

that thing can tear down 100 grineer in mere seconds

definetly my most favorite gun out of all of them

but the karak is slowly catching up though-.-

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