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Stress Testing...


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So, farming infested at Seimeni, and i run into a Vauban running a less-than-sane biuld...


Pictures speak better than words i think.


Note: just links, since these were taken with Steam and apparently this forum doesnt permit Steam photos with %7Boption%7D. I could upload to imgur, but its getting late.







When asked, this particular Vauban was running both Narrow Minded and Fleeting, and claimed to not be using Overextended.


He could also spam an unholy number of Bastilles, but i didnt get to screenshot that from a decent angle.


And if youre wondering, the host crashed during W14. I never dropped below 50fps, even with the Tornadoes out during that. :3

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it's VALVe being weird as usual, not the forum. atleast, it's not entirely it's fault.


basically, to get your direct link to a picture for Steam... click on the picture a dozen times until you FINALLY get to the page with just the picture.

the Image Tags do try to validate an Image though, so the lack of a file extension being shown for the image does make such direct links not work if a system tries to validate.



anyways, most Vaubans should be able to do that. since Vortex - like so many powers, is immune to atleast some Mod Effects, you can easily make it extremely powerful.


just add Duration, and you're done.

Vortex is immune to Range changes though, so Overextended is pointless on Vortex.

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