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[Weapon Concept] Bandoliers


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This is more of something I just wondered... (also ask why no game does this)


What if we got a bandolier or at least a satchel to hold our ammo? Do you know how heavy gunners have this backpack/ sash? I always pictured that as what they carry their ammo in. It would also help with those weapons with ridiculously large clips just poof out of your back/ hip.

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I don't think this is a weapon concept so much as a design concept.



Im thinking OP wants this to take up the OTHER weapon slot


For example, you get a bandolier to take the horrifically ammo ineffecient Hikou up to reasonable levels... but it takes up your primary weapon slot.


Vice versa, you can ensure that you have Every Arrow Ever with your bow of choice... but forgo a sidearm

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