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Melee Channeling Looks Awesome Now!


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When channeling with my Orthos prime i noticed that the trail that appears from the glow in the center of the pole is now doubled in length and there are now two shorter trails coming from each blade. The result is that any combo fills the air around me with a rave party of death. I love it! I really hope the trails stay the way they are.



Also off topic a bit, I cant find the original thread I was going to post this in. Melee only is viable at high levels. Nothing but O-Prime channel damage build made it to 33min T3 survival. At that point we left because my o prime which normally does 1.7k damage per hit (non crit, crits hit about 7-13k depending on resistences) was being reduced to a measly 275 damage on heavy gunners and 300 on corrupted grineer. That armor scaleing is seriously messed up.

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