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M3 Sheraia/reaper Automatic Direct Effect Rifle - The Status Proc Spammer


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Im not sure about this kind of gun, but it would be like this:

Primary/Secondary, not sure.


Dmg: 0 impact, 60 puncture, 0 slash (DE will have to fix the system so that elemental procs have also a chance to activate if status chance is 100%)

Fire rate: 5 rounds per sec (automatic trigger)

Magazine: 30 (riffle ammo pool, or pistol)

Crit. Chance: 10% 

Crit. Dmg: 1.5x

Status Chance: 90%


Now, the FAQ:

Why such high base dmg?

Because this weapon will be mostly doing effects but will still have to be usable in combat.


Why 0 impact and slash? 

Mostly because that's how I imagined a needler to be.


Does this mean that it will be ineffective against Corpus or Infected?

Like I said, this was suppose to be a status effect spammer, not a heavy weapon that destroys everything.


But you can upgrade a few other weapons to have the same amount of status chance too!

Yes, but this starts off high so that you dont have to use as much mod slot for it.


Random fact:

Did you know in Halo, the Spartan Laser is actually defined as a rifle?

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