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Dojo - Destruction Related Bug


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The problem is - I can't destroy my Great Hall on one of the floors. I've destroyed all the connected rooms, but when I try to finally blow it up it says like "Can't destroy it, destroy sister components first" and it marks reactors on the first floor.

There are no decorations in the hall.

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Sounds very much like a bug that occured in my dojo. After countless attempts to get rid of it, we ended up having a guy from support resetting our dojo to default layout, fortunately all resources remained.

If no one else comes with a solution, contact support.

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Solved it myself, so not sure if this is a bug, feel free to remove the thread.

Before destruction of the Great Hall you need to change the spawn to the starting hall.


But again, I thought the spawn is auto-changed to another mark in nearest free hall if you destroy one.

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