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Pathogen Round Mod Drop By Anti-Moa


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Did it change? Looking around online on the wiki and forums they all indicate that Anti-MOA drops them. But those were a couple months old, where people say they can get a few of them within a 10 minute run.

Yeah they're probably lucky. I've gotten 3 Tranquil Cleave in the span of about 40 minutes in total spent farming for it whereas others have taken days and still haven't gotten it so basically RNG my friend.

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Per chance you can always obtain said mod in exchange for a Swirling tiger even with surlus platinum given to you. So why bother so much?

RNG that is since what I personally discovered is that there are some mods that do not like me such as Sure Footed - I've acquired it in exchange for the mod that likes me - QT, when it was still popular.

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