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Can We Get A Single Dagger On The Market? Or Clan Tech? Or Anything Outside Alerts?


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I once got the Heat Dagger (WAY before melee 2.0), Lv it up and sold it cause i needed space and i wasnt really using it.


Now whit Melee 2.0 and more practice in stealth i wanted a Dagger to get that Assassin feel when cutting throats whit stealth attacks (even though they somehow survive after that) but when i check the market none of the single dagger BP are in the Market, not in clan tech. Sure i could buy them whit Plat I only use plat for cosmetics and it has been like what 2 months since i saw a dagger alert? in fact when was the last time they released a single dagger..... there are like three single daggers i think...


Just saying would be cool if we had another single dagger or any of the other single daggers to be released in the market. We got the fangs but there are twin daggers and i want a single one.

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