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Stalker Missing/coward -- Quick Fix


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So, I am like some players who have been trying to farm stalker (with a deathmark), but he does not appear at all for some players.  So a suggestion to fix this coward bug.  


Increase the odds of stalker appearing based on missions since the deathmark has been received.  
So something like this: 
ChanceToAppear = baseChance + (missionCountSinceMark * 0.3)
ChanceToAppear = 2 + (40 * 0.3)
ChanceToAppear = 14%
This will allow solo players to actually encounter him more. 
Will reward the hard work of stalker farmers and allow users to farm SOLO. 
Will allow casual players to actually meet him. I know a casual player who has NEVER seen stalker, as he only players 3 / 5 games a night.) 
As a Side Note: 
Please Place an Indicator For a Deathmark on the Menu UI (similar to the Revive Indicator)
This will allow players to see clearly if their deathmark is still active.


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I have seen so many of these comments and agree with everyone one of them, the problem is the devs wanting to change the way stalker works. I think the point of the stalker is to be really elusive and gets you at times you would never expect him to. Good luck.

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I agree the stalker spawn rate requires a rework. It appears all the time for me to the point that there were times when the stalker appeared consecutively in my games - probably because some other teammate has a mark, but nonetheless.


Likewise, the Harvester needs a huge rework as well. I have had my death mark for 2 months, and it has not spawned even once for me.

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