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Quick Question Regarding Clans



So I have a clan that I originally used for just some friends irl and me but we are looking to expand it into a bigger alliance or expand the clan with more members/HRs. I have built virtually alone a fairly impressive for one person (3 Floors around 30ish rooms, mostly completed clan tech, and of course a trading post).I'm looking to join the Eclipse alliance but I am unsure on how I contact them does anybody know who I contact or who I should contact for this. On another note, is it possible to rename your clan? The current name (The Warframe Army) is an inside joke between friends of mine and it parodies several guilds/clans we started up on other games. So I suppose the tl;dr of it all is can I rename my clan, would anybody be interested in joining as a high rank and help me build it up, and anybody know how to join the eclipse alliance.

P.S. I apologize if this is a little too "Recruity" but I figured it was "General-chatty" enough.

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