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Ogris Aesthetics & New Primary Weapon Type


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As much as it is bulky, I don't really get a "rocket launcher" vibe from the ogris.

personally I think that its weapon grip should be made to be shoulder mounted (I mean like a traditional bazooka, not like the predator's plasma caster... though now that I think about it, something like that would also be cool).

A rework of the weapon's aethetics would present the opportunity for it to be given a much more curvy design (more typical of other grineer weapons) as opposed to its current boxy look.


Adding "shoulder mounted" to the array of rifle/bow would open the way for other weapons.


Maybe a grineer-made, man-portable, shoulder mounted artillery cannon? Maybe give that cannon 3 barrels and have it load up shells one-at-a-time like unreal tournament's rocket launcher.


What about a corpus energy missile launcher? It could be the first projectile weapon that deals magnetic damage!


The possibilities are endless like, 5 or 6 different things, maybe.

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I'm so happy I wasn't the only one thinking about large and heavy shoulder mounted guns for this game. Though it'd probably clash with the space ninja vibe, I'd at least like an URT style triple barreled launcher. Oh the nostalgia... 

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