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"entroos", The Trickster Waframe


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Shield 150 (450 at rank 30)

Health 75 (225 at rank 30)

Armor 15

Power 100 (300 at rank 30)

Sprint speed 1.25 (yep, Loki has the same speed)

Additional polarities: 1 Attack

                                 1 Defence

Aura polarity: Tactical


Appearance: (unfortunately, at that moment I can`t do a picture of him, but maybe(!) it will be added afterwards) The main feature of his appearance - this warframe have to be asymmetrical. He is divided into two different parts from left arm to right leg. The "upper" part of it is much like the warframe usual style, looks like a human. Helmet is looks like a hood, but there is nothing into it, but a vortex of energy. The "lower" part of it looks much like the robot (Left arm and the left leg looks like the mechanical parts attached over the arm and leg, right ones looks usual)


First skill: "False mirror"

Creates a copy of the enemy, which will attack the target first, only after the target's death will attack others. Deals 0.25 of targets`s damage, has only 0.25 of targets health\shield. Has the same amount of armour as the targes. Lasts 20 seconds. After the closure of this ability, or after the death of the copy will explode with no damage, but a 100% Radiation proc in a small area. Range - can be improved. Duration - can be improved. Strength - can't be improved.


Second skill: "Camouflage"

Turns the Entroos into a targeted enemy. While in camouflage you (but not your sentinel) are completely unable to be targeted by any enemy, untill the first your (but not your sentinel) attack. Lasts 30 seconds.  Strength - can't be improved. Range - can't be improved. Duration - can be improved


Third skill: "Mass insanity"

Creates the exact(!) copies of the enemies within a short range for 20 seconds. Copies deals and receives the same amount of damage, as the original enemy. Strength - can't be improved. Range - can be improved. Duration - can be improved.


Fourth skill: "Chaotic division"

Creates two copies of the warframe for 15 seconds. Copies takes your random weapon (they can take your primary and melee weapon, leaving you only the secondary). Each copy carry only one weapon. After the closure of the skill, they will "run into you", replenishing your health to the max. Copies can(!) revive you, or your teammates. If copy dies, you have to pick up your weapon manually. Strength - can't be improved. Range - can't be improved. Duration - can be improved.



P.S. Sry for my mistakes, English is`n my native language.

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