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My custom Nekros.


I run my Nekros with the Shroud Helmet and Mortos Syandana, both of which are depicted in this image. My colour scheme is mostly black with fuchsia highlights and energy, a theme that runs across all my builds.

Anyway, I wanted to do some fanart for a while and figured this was a good place to start. This, of course, was a terrible conclusion to come to and I only got this far in before my hand started to lock up and I regretted attempting to do anything meaningful with a mouse.

I tried to create the effect of charcoal, something I felt fit the theme and tone of Nekros.

Incidentally Nekros is my favourite design and generally speaking one of the more interesting frames to run with. Skinny boys represent.

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This took WAAAAAAAAAAAAY longer than it should have.

Hope you guys enjoy:






I spent a hell of a long time doing the wall/background to give the graffiti more of an edge to it.

Used a mouse and MS Paint, hope someone likes this :3


Peace out!


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