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New: Warframe Warpaint Contest!


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I know I may not win, but I kinda wanted to post this anyways


Ember Prime with a flame themed background and having phoenix wings and forming a fire ball in her hand .-. not very good at art unless it involves smudge tool (I'm an abstract finger painter in real life)


Follow your dreams, burn all the infested!




Also I dunno how to post images yet >_< so have a link.

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Well to say the truth I don't really care about Plat, but would be nice to recieve as a prize a game with Rebecca and Megan ^^


I don't know about warpaint, but ladies make up can be conisdered as such ? :P
So I think Lotus as the First Lady in Warframe is a must in this thread :)

ps. [DE]Rebecca I hope You'll like it, thoug I can't draw.



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I'm not really a talented artist or an artist at all and I've seen some really great warframe art in this post, far better than mine, but I've decided to give it a try.


This is my Valkyr in Corpus Gas City tileset.


Best of luck to everyone.



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"The Fall of the Stalker"


Have the Stalker with the Dragon Nikana stabbed into his decapitated head with a Dread arrow and Despair kunai on either side of him. There is a sunset in the background to add sadness to his fall.


It sucks, I know. So bad.


Edit: Inb4 the Dragon Nikana's red orb thing is on the saya, not the sword... -tear drop-

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