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Wts Unusual Rare Mods, Some Stance Mods And Some Bps/part Bps


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I have a bunch of stuff in my inventory and mod section I don't feel like I'll ever use. Some of these things are good, some of these things are pretty useless, but who knows, maybe there's something in here you want for something.
If that is the case, just leave your offer(s), timezone/country and times you will be online below. (Or PM me.)

-Fracturing Wind x4
-Reaping Spiral
-Coiling Viper

Misc. Rares:
-Sundering Strike x2
-Undying Will
-Rank 1 Steady Hands
-Stunning Speed
-Rank 3 (maxed) Energy Channel

-Ember Prime Chassis bp
-Mag Prime bp
-Oberon Chassis bp
-Glaive bp

-Orokin Reactor x2 Actually can someone confirm or deny that I actually CAN sell these?

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You can not sell it as the (Higher Ups xD) haven't allowed us to, but I sure wouldn't sell mine even if it was allowed to sell!!! Would you??

I have like 6 of them. I'm not even interested in having that many different Warframes, I don't like enough of them well enough for that. So I actually would.

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