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[Warframe Concept] Mr. Lag (Inb4 Best Frame)


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Lag: The best frame evar. He cannot be beaten.

Health: Pi (Infinity at 30)

Shields: 0 (Death at 30)

Power: Jump (God at 30)

Armor: -300

Sprint Speed: 20

Stamina: .968537

Ability 1: Lag: Lag the game.

Ability 2: Bad Host: Shout bad words at the host.

Ability 3: Host Migration: Host rages and leaves.

Ability 4: Crash: Crash Warframe.

You will love him.

Author's Note: I was severely bored and this came to my mind. If you have any stupid frame ideas as well, you can add them here as well. Have much fun and rage.

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