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Stalker/the Harvester/grustrag Three



 it has been a veeery long time i don't see any of these(well in fact i've only saw grustrag three once), and im  hunting for the stalker, but he doesn't spawn, is there anything to do to increase his chances to spawn? or  you really need luck  for him to spawn? (sorry for any mistakes,  English isn't my home language and this is my first post here.)

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With the stalker, there seems to be a placebo relation between how many different bosses you have killed, whether or not you have an

un-ranked/low-rank weapon equipped, and running certain game types (exterm being most common).  With the Gustrag and Harvester, they only spawn on mission nodes controlled by the corresponding faction.  If you want harvester, run Corpus nodes, and if you want Gustrag, run Grineer nodes.  So called 'facts' relating to the three 'revenge bosses' are mostly player experience and opinion as information from DE surrounding them is a bit ambiguous.  Good luck with your hunting.

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