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Helios Scanning


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that's the problem not only are we paying for the scanners, cheap as they maybe but none the less we are paying to scan things that we mostly do not even need since the only thing that it will scan are things that stay around long enough which are loot containers.

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They need to make helios scans instant. No one has time to stand and wait for a mob to be scanned, you Cant stand there getting hit for 3 seconds while it first "sees" the mob, then waits, then "scans" the mob. 


1: fix codex so that it sorts what has been completed and registers that when you go to scan something whether you are using your personal scanner or helios.


2: setup codex to ignore completed scans. meaning if something has  reached its required scans it no longer gets registered by helios or the scanner.


3: make scans instant.


4: have a readout on the scanner showing how many scans are needed for a given mob/object so that you can see what and how many you need as you are doing it.


these 4 things would drasticly improve the scanners and helios functionality.

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Scanning on a whole sucks, and was a bad idea that needs to go. Helios scans crates and related so much, as they don't move, while mobs do, and we kill them quickly, as it tries to scan anything, it just ends up scanning the easy stuff.


The no doubt complexity of retooling scanning functionality just for Helios seems a waste, when the real problem is the function of scanning on a whole. Scanning should just be tossed, Helios was suppose to help us with scanning, but doesn't. With scanning gone Helios could just be reworked to provide some other utility function.


Making scanning instantaneous would be a step forward, but just making Codex info gathering based off of kills would be better. The game already records kill info, it shouldn't be hard to adapt it further to blend that into the Codex.

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