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Warframe Combat Feedback


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Hello all, I've been playing Warframe for a couple of days now and decided to give some feedback about the combat.

While it is pretty fun at the moment, I feel that it could be better.

Let's start with the melee combat:

I would like to suggest a melee system similar to Chronicles of Rid$&*^. Where it isn't too complex to learn but makes the melee much funner for the player.

For example:

Movement direction + Melee attack = different attack.

Forward key (W key) + Melee attack = Forward slash or stab. Depending on the weapon.

Another feature of that combat system is the counter-attack system, which NPCs also do while in melee combat. For Warframe, maybe only make bosses, "elite enemies", and players have this ability. Another idea that comes from this is that maybe a boss would have armor that's impenetrable by bullets but swords and other melee weapons could damage him/her/it, like real life kevlar fabric which is weak against stabs/slashes from a knife/sword but strong against bullets.

The way the counter-attack system works is that as an enemy is attacking or about to attack, some kind of indicator would show up for a split second and pressing the melee attack button would initiate a counter-attack.

Finishers: Everyone loves these, they're just fun to watch, in order for them to not become too common and stale though, it would be nice that they're only triggered when a set of combo moves are done.

I believe the things I said above opens up for a funner melee experience for the player.

Oh and... Futuristic sledgehammer that makes enemies fly back with lots of blood when they die please. ^^

Ranged combat:

The ranged combat is fine and straight forward at the moment, although I feel that the ranged combat is lacking "oomph"... The slight camera shake is already good. I believe it's mainly the firing sounds, they could use some beefing up so the player feels that they're more powerful when firing.

Not much I could think of about ranged combat improvement to be honest... So... That's all I got for ranged combat.

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So far, the weapon system is very meaty and really fun. However, the lack of optics, magazines or other such cool things really hold me back! I love the mod tree as such but I'd love a little more customisation!

And one thing I'd love for them to add is 'continual crits' so after every headshot, the critical damage gets stronger and stronger rewarding those who can aim.

So far so good!

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Indeed, there still room to grow.

I like the idea of a more attack options for the melee combat.

I really don't like facing 2 inches away from them and missing while,

the sword is actually touching them.

And one thing I'd love for them to add is 'continual crits' so after every headshot, the critical damage gets stronger and stronger rewarding those who can aim.

So far so good!

'Continual crits' will evenually become overpowered.

How about more towards a short limit time bonus for them each 5 heatshot they get. The Critals hit increases dynamicly.



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